Announcing This App Saves Lives’ Parent Portal!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we’re announcing the official launch of This App Saves Lives’ Parent Portal

TASL’s Parent Portal enables the parents of young drivers to monitor and reward their child’s safe driving behavior. 


Since young drivers represent a disproportionate percentage of distracted driving-related fatalities, we’re facilitating a unique partnership between parents and their children that helps prevent bad habits from forming in their infancy. And we’re doing so in a manner that is fun, engaging, and rewarding.  


The Portal stems from tremendous feedback and interest from members of the TASL community. And I couldn’t be prouder of our team for rising to the occasion and building such a needed and desired extension to our core mobile app solution.


This App Saves Lives was founded on the premise that we all have the ability to be a superhero with the decisions we make each time we get behind the wheel and drive. And by creating and fostering an ecosystem of caring individuals who recognize that even just one distracted driving-related accident, injury or death is one too many – we’re all doing our part to make the roads safer while having a lot of fun and earning great rewards along the way. 


Together, we’re putting an end to a behavior that causes 2 million accidents every single year and our Parent Portal will help amplify our collective efforts to do just that. 


So on behalf of the TASL community and our team, I’m thrilled to introduce you to This App Saves Lives’ Parent Portal! 

This App Saves Lives

To get started yourself or to share the Portal with someone you know, simply visit our Parent Portal. You can also view our Parent Portal Demo Video below.  

Yours in health,

Ryan Frankel
Founder, This App Saves Lives