New Driver? Here's How You Can Get Rewarded for Driving Safely

Are you driving safely?

Are you one of the millions of new drivers to hit the road this year? If you’re nervous, don’t be. When done correctly, driving is a safe, easy enjoyable! Many people make their best memories while driving – like going on road trips or getting late-night snacks with friends. 

But let’s be honest, driving can be dangerous, especially for new and inexperienced drivers. And the prevalence of phone-based distracted driving results in 2 million accidents, 500,000 injuries, and thousands of deaths every single year. This isn’t meant to scare you, but these statistics are a warning that distracted driving can have major consequences. 

Fortunately, not only is safe driving easy, but it can also be rewarding, literally. One of the most popular driving apps is the app This App Saves Lives (TASL). The free TASL app boasts several awesome features that encourage new drivers to drive safely while also ensuring parents and other family members that you’re driving safely. 

How the TASL App Works

Simply download the free app and you’ll earn rewards for time spent driving undistracted. You’ll earn 1 TASL Point for each minute driven undistracted and these points are redeemable for free or discounted products and services from brands like Reebok, Shake Shack, Insomnia Cookies, Urban Outfitters, and more. 

Additionally, TASL points will be subtracted when drivers check their phones while moving, so it’s important for drivers to keep their phones down and their eyes on the road. 

As drivers continue to accumulate points, they can track their progress on the TASL dashboard. When drivers reach certain point milestones, drivers will level up and reach new tiers. This is a great way to compete with friends and family and see who is the ultimate safe driver! And the best part is that the app runs in the background of your phone so you never need to remember to open it each time you drive.

Using the TASL app is an easy way for new drivers to earn rewards and discounts from popular shops and restaurants in their area. As long as they’re driving and not checking their phones, they will continue to earn points!

This App Saves Lives

Earn Free Rewards from Your Favorite Shops & Restaurants

The TASL app is the first app of its kind that rewards drivers for safe driving. The app is free to use and works on iOS. New drivers download the app, register an account, and in minutes can start earning points towards hundreds of rewards. 

Over time, the TASL app tracks how safe a driver is and rewards them for all the time spent driving without being distracted. 

Drivers using the TASL app should check the rewards tab regularly for new discounts, rewards, and experiences that can be cashed in for points. An easy way to start earning points is by completing your TASL profile for an extra boost.

Earn Rewards While Safe Driving

Share Your Safe Driving Habits

Through the TASL app, drivers can share their safe driving habits with parents, employers, schools, and others. The app tracks statistics like the percentage of undistracted driving and rewards drivers who consistently engage in safe driving practices. 

As a new driver, it can be difficult to abide by safe driving habits. Friends and passengers may be more distracting than anticipated and driving around with limited experience can be quite dangerous. 

In the same way that many people make games out of diet and exercise, new drivers using the TASL app can encourage themselves to drive safely. Rather than just driving safely for fear of your parents, employer, or an accident, download the TASL app so you have more incentives to drive safely.

Get Your Parents & Employers to Join the Fun!

Get Your Parents and Employers to Join The Fun for Safe Driving

The TASL app isn’t just for new drivers, it’s meant for all drivers! And while parents enjoy using the TASL app to earn rewards themselves, they really love the additional features provided in the Parent Portal. Through the Parent Portal, parents can connect to their children’s profiles and monitor their progress through the app. By tracking their children’s point totals, parents can then incentivize and reward their children outside of the app with things like extra allowance money, late curfew, and more. This is a great way to build on the TASL reward system and customize it for your family. 

Parents who sign up for the Parent Portal will receive monthly tips and topics through email that they can share with their kids to encourage safe driving. However, the ultimate prize is that every parent who signs up for the Parent Portal gets 500 TASL points for themselves as well as 500 Bonus points for each child that signs up. This means that the whole family can earn rewards and compete for who is the safest driver. 

Finally, because TASL is dedicated to making the roads a safer place for everyone, every parent who signs up for the Parent Portal can gift a free membership to another parent or family. By building a safer community of drivers, TASL hopes to reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road in neighborhoods across the country.

Get Rewarded for Safe Driving

In all honesty, distracted driving is incredibly tempting when everyone has a smartphone that’s constantly buzzing with updates every minute of the day. While plenty of people and laws discourage distracted driving, few people are getting rewarded for driving safely. 

Fortunately, TASL has come along and made it fun and rewarding to avoid distracted driving. With a simple-to-use app, any driver can start earning rewards towards their favorite shops and brands simply by keeping their phone down and eyes on the road. 

This app is perfect for new drivers who need a little extra encouragement and reminder on how to drive safely. If you’re looking to finally get rewarded for your safe driving habits, then you need to download the TASL app today!