Is Your Child a Safe Driver? Here Are 5 Apps That Can Help you Tell

Do you want to make sure that your child become a safe driver?

Teaching your child how to drive is both exciting and nerve-wracking! Yes, you finally have someone who can run to the grocery store in a pinch, but now that same person is behind the wheel doing God knows what. As much as you hope that your kid remembers to drive 15mph under the speed limit, we all know they’re unlikely to listen (just like most kids). 

Luckily, technology has advanced considerably in the last few years and unlike in the past, parents have a few more tools to make sure their kids are safe. With phone apps like the ones listed below, parents can monitor the location, speed, and distracted driving habits of their kids.

Here are 5 apps that every parent should download before sending their kids on their next grocery run.

#1 This App Saves Lives

One of the best apps to have hit the market is ‘This App Saves Lives’ (TASL). The TASL app monitors drivers’ phone activity while driving and rewards drivers for every minute of driving of undistracted driving.

The best part about the TASL app is that the rewards are valuable and real! Drivers can earn rewards from dozens of popular brands like Amazon, Reebok, AMC, and more! This app is an easy sell for teens to use since they get valuable rewards that they can use at their favorite shops and restaurants.

This app isn’t just great for teen drivers, it’s great for their parents too. Parents can now take advantage of the Parent Portal, which allows parents to link their accounts with their children’s and track their progress. In addition to earning points through the app, young drivers can also earn rewards chosen by their parents, such as later curfew, extra allowance money, concert tickets, and more.

This App Saves Lives


Life360 is one of the most popular phone apps for families in the U.S. With Life360, families can track each other’s real-time location on a private map. Through the app, family members can get notifications when another person moves locations, begins driving, has a low phone battery, and other important updates. 

The app is entirely free to use and works on both iOS and Android phones. However, for those who buy the premium version, there are additional features to track a person’s driving. For instance, as a parent, you can track how fast your child is driving and if they are checking their phones while driving on the road.

#3 MamaBear App

Distracted driving is one of the major problems teen drivers face when learning how to drive safely, and that is what the MamaBear app aims to fix. With the MamaBear app, parents can receive regular updates on when their teen starts driving.

The MamaBear app has a unique feature that lets parents set speed limits for their teen drivers and the app will alert parents and the teen drivers when they exceed that speed limit. The app comes with several other useful functionalities like allowing parents to receive arrival and departure notifications.

Similar to other apps, the MamaBear app is free to use but comes with a paid version that offers advanced features. Additionally, the app works on both iOS and Android phones.

#4 DriveSmart App

Safe Driver App 4 Drive Smart

DriveSmart is another app that aims to tackle the dangers of distracted driving. Through the DriveSmart app, drivers can set their phone to drive mode which sends any calls directly to voicemail and mutes any incoming texts. 

While the DriveSmart app is free to use, the more helpful features are locked behind a paywall. With a membership fee of $4.99 per month, parents can track when their teen driver begins driving. Additionally, while passengers can override the app’s Drive Mode to unlock the phone, with the paid membership parents can get notified when the override is used. This feature is great for parents who want to track how responsible their teen drivers are while on the road. 

The DriveSmart app is available for both iOS and Android devices and comes in both a free and basic (paid) version.

#5 RoadReady

RoadReady is another great app for tracking your teen drivers’ location and driving habits while on the road. RoadReady provides parents with statistics on their teen’s driving such as speeding and driving time. Further, RoadReady also gives parents real-time information on the weather conditions of where their teen is driving, which is perfect for monitoring teens on long and dangerous journeys. 

RoadReady is also part of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program which offers parents and teens an easy way to log certain state-required supervised driving times. Additionally, RoadReady has an extensive library of driving tips and curriculum in both digital and printable versions that’s perfect for new drivers.

Parents Have the Power!

Through the power of technology, parents can ease their minds by knowing that their teen is driving safely. Distracted driving is one of the biggest issues teen drivers face and there is very little parents can do to stop it from happening. 

Fortunately, with apps like the ‘This App Saves Lives’, parents now have the tools they need to ensure their teens are driving safely. The best part about apps like ‘This App Saves Lives’ is that teens are encouraged to drive safely with monetary rewards. 

Further, TASL has recently added a Parent Portal that gives parents more control and flexibility when monitoring their teen’s driving habits. Through the Parent Portal, parents can monitor their child’s progress and sponsor rewards for them outside the TASL app. For instance, parents can target goals with their teen drivers and reward them for hitting those point goals with rewards like concert tickets, money, and more. The Parent Portal allows families to create an incentive system that works for everyone!

Making sure your kids drive safely has never been easier. Simply by downloading the TASL app, within minutes, you too can enjoy knowing that your child has safely arrived at their destination. Don’t leave your child’s safety up to chance, parents have the power to make sure their kids stay safe while on the road!