Live in a Spring Break Town? Here’s how to Stay Safe on the Roads

Spring break is fast approaching. For many people, this means lots of parties, long beach days, and a few drinks in hand. However, for locals and drivers, spring break is a reminder for cautious driving.

Any town or city that experiences an influx of people for spring break knows that the roads can become a bit more dangerous. There are suddenly thousands of more people than usual, people are walking around later at night, and incidents of impaired driving go up.

Whether you live in a vacation town or just plan to drive through one during Spring Break, there are a few precautions you should take so you can enjoy the festivities.

Nighttime driving is always a little more dangerous, but when you factor in the increased amount of people in the area, it may be best to avoid nighttime driving altogether. The tricky thing about nighttime driving in a spring break area is the unpredictable tourists. These tourists can be stumbling down the street late at night in the middle of the road and not know where they’re going.

If you must drive at night in a spring break town, it’s best to drive slowly and not be afraid to use your high beams to identify unknown objects on the roads ahead. Further, it’s usually a good idea to avoid the busy parts of town at night where it’s more likely for people to be walking to or from.

Pedestrians are Everywhere
Be extra diligent for pedestrians, bikers, skateboarders, and more when driving during spring break.

No matter where you are enjoying your spring break, there are going to be a lot of pedestrians. The unfortunate thing about pedestrians is that they tend to get in the way, they are unpredictable, and when it comes to spring break, many don’t know where they’re going.

This fact can be especially hard for residents who still need to manage their daily tasks like bringing the kids to school or grocery shopping while dealing with thousands of extra people on the road.

All of this simply means that you must be extra diligent for pedestrians, bikers, skateboarders, and more when driving during spring break. Additionally, with the huge influx of tourists, it’s important to watch out for people jumping out of and into cabs or Ubers in inconvenient places.

With spring break, there are tons of distracted drivers and people, so it’s important to go slow and stay undistracted yourself.

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Unfortunately, when thousands of tourists come to a town, a few of them tend to have poor intentions. It is common for petty crimes to go up during spring break, so it’s important to take proper precautions.

If you’re staying at an Airbnb or a hotel, this can be easy. It’s always best to park as close to the building as possible and not in the far back corner of a parking lot. If possible, try to park your car in the garage, or at least in the driveway and not on the street.

Even if you must park on the street, there are still safety measures you can take. It is always a good idea to put up a sunshade or windshield protectors so people cannot see fully into your car. Additionally, you should always take valuables out of your car before leaving it. These steps will deter many would-be thieves from entering your car since they can’t see what’s in there.

Spring break offers the chance for tourists and locals to enjoy a non-stop party. While this is all in good fun, there are always those few people who take it too far. With spring break comes the increased risk of impaired drivers being on the road.

The main thing to do in these situations is just to be aware that these drivers could be out there. If you see a driver swerving on the road, pull over and call 911.

Proper Child and Pet Protection
While you should have proper protection for your child or pet already, in these heightened situations it’s even more crucial.

Driving in a spring break town can mean lots of shortstops on the road due to unfamiliar drivers and pedestrians lurching onto the streets. While you should have proper protection for your child or pet already, in these heightened situations it’s even more crucial.

For your children, you can check the Department of Transportation website to learn about what size seat your child should have. For pets, there are tons of products you can find at your local pet store or online that properly harness them into the seat for maximized protection.

Depending on where your spring break destination is, there can be a host of precautions you should take. That is why doing your research ahead of time is crucial.

For instance, if you’re driving in the Southwest United States, you may deal with some extreme heat. This means that you should have extra water in your car and understand the dangers of what a hot road can do to your tires. It also means that leaving your children or pets in the car unattended is not possible in these conditions.

Whether it’s snow, rain, mud, or heat, you should understand the road conditions and safety measures of any area you’re traveling to. There are plenty of dangerous roads throughout the U.S., but there are plenty of easy ways to be prepared. Most of the time, proper precautions are cheap and easy to obtain, so just do your research!

Spring Break should be a fun time for you to enjoy with your family and friends. However, when driving during spring break, you should be aware of the extra dangers on the road.

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Spring break tends to mean that pedestrians get a little more courageous when walking around, especially at night. Whether you’re driving around at night, close to the beach, or in a crowded downtown area, it’s best to drive slowly and keep your head on a swivel for unpredictable people.