TASL’s Company Culture, Value, And Vision

The number of road accidents per year isn’t improving and we want to change that. Prevailing regulations and methods aren’t helping as much as they’re expected to, thus a new approach is necessary to address an ongoing problem that continues to cause serious injuries and claim lives.

Through the mobile app This App Saves Lives (TASL), we aim to make a dent in distracted driving and change our road behavior for the better. Learn the mission, vision, company culture, and values we uphold and see how we can both create safer roads for everyone.

Our Mission and Vision

Our aim is to make US roads safer for everyone
Our aim is to make US roads safer for everyone

Dopamine is the central addictive hormone of the brain. It makes us feel great when we do rewarding things. Smartphones trigger dopamine release as they lure us to increased usage because of how fast we are rewarded. Texting instantly gets us replies. Scrolling through our social media accounts presents us with new and interesting information in seconds. The younger, tech-savvy generation is often more prone to these habits that they can’t put down their phones while driving.

This is why TASL’s approach to distracted driving is very smart and innovative as it doesn’t chastise bad driving habits. That’s what laws are already doing and they don’t work that well as proven by the data on distracted driving-related accidents.

The hazards of distracted driving are so obvious, and yet many of us still do it. We think that we can get away with it. Besides, we often believe that we’re above average drivers, so we won’t get into accidents by looking away for even a few seconds. But the data shows otherwise.

At least ten people die every day from distracted driving, and that’s ten too many to disregard.
Half a million injuries and almost 4,000 deaths every year in the US alone – this is how grim the figures are and it’s our mission to make a dent in these numbers.

TASL’s mission and vision are centered on putting a serious dent in distracted driving by rewarding individuals who choose to avoid using their phones while driving. We are positioned to solve a meaningful problem with an innovative and original solution. We are driven to make the world a safer place for everyone and future generations.

Values and Company Culture

We are committed to making drivers more responsible using an innovative approach

Ryan Frankel is the embodiment of what an entrepreneur must be: dedicated, responsible, and innovative. Why? It’s because of the actions and decisions he took even in the most distressing moments of his life.

The accident that almost took this life didn’t stop him from focusing on what’s important. On that same day, he had an appointment with the CEO of a big company. After the accident, he got home and took the most painful shower of his life. He showed up at the meeting despite the bruises and broken bones, displaying his tenacity and dedication to what he believes.

Ryan’s qualities as a serial entrepreneur are reflected within the company. We’re dedicated to pushing for road safety through the use of our innovative mobile app. We believe it’s possible to reduce road casualties and injuries using a more proactive approach that aims to prevent accidents rather than dealing with the aftermath.

We are serious about tackling phone-based road accidents and saving lives.

What We Believe In

We believe that the TASL app can reduce the number of distracted driving incidents
We believe that the TASL app can reduce the number of distracted driving incidents

Ryan was seriously injured after almost colliding with a driver who ran through a red light while texting. While recovering from his life-threatening experience, he devoted his time to studying ways to address the problem of distracted driving and its dangers to road users.

This dedication to creating a solution that actually works is born from not wanting others to experience what he did. He wants to create a future that’s safe for his children; a future where roads are much safer and drivers are more responsible.

TASL upholds the same values that Ryan does, prioritizing the welfare and safety of not only cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers, but everyone on the road. We understand how something simple as distracted driving causes life-threatening problems that remain unsolved by existing methods and regulations.

We encourage everyone to drive undistracted. Instead of punishing people, we reward them for doing the right thing. The TASL app lets people earn reward points automatically by simply following appropriate road safety and security practices.

We want to solve the problem of distracted driving. Our solution is designed to change people’s lives by making them better and more responsible drivers.

TASL is an amazing app that is very easy to use. We make people think about the safety of others by educating drivers through positive reinforcement.

Effortlessly earn amazing rewards from your favorite brands while also making the world a safer place

Where We’re At

We continue to partner with popular merchants to provide meaningful rewards

So far, TASL has acquired tens of thousands of drivers and a hundred merchant partners including favorite brands like Reebok, Shake Shack, obé Fitness, Tony Luke’s, Harney & Sons, and Insomnia Cookies.

Our company has been featured in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and other known publications, podcasts, and news channels.

Users have logged millions of miles on the TASL app, proving its effectiveness in encouraging people to stay focused on the road. We’ve acquired substantial data that shows how our unique rewards-based solution fundamentally improves safe driving behavior by preventing phone-based distractions.

But we’re not stopping here. We still have a long way to go. We want to see the TASL app greatly reduce – if not eliminate – the number of phone-based road accidents in the US. For now, we’re starting our campaign in select states but will rapidly expand to other areas, as we invite more partners to join our cause.

How to Get Involved With Our Mission

We know that our mission must be inclusive to be effective, so we’re reaching out to communities and businesses to help us make roads safer for everyone. We’re involving schools, merchants, employers, and insurance companies in our mission to reduce distracted driving-related accidents and create more responsible drivers. 

Currently, we’re working with the following institutions to help achieve our goals:

Merchant partners

Through the TASL rewards system, partner merchants can effectively acquire new customers using a socially conscious way. Our business model centers on being a game-changing digital marketing platform that empowers brands by incorporating a social component that benefits consumers.

Merchant partners are the backbone of the TASL mobile app. They make our rewards system exciting and meaningful, encouraging more users to do their best to earn rewards points.

Additionally, by partnering with This App Saves Lives, merchants enable themselves to go out in the communities where they operate and say that they care for their customers. They can benefit from the positive impact that the TASL app is doing on the community. They can proudly put in their profiles that they’re partnered with a responsible technology that advocates road safety.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies can offer TASL to their clients to help them reduce distracted driving-related accidents. Rewards can be given to those who finish customized challenges and contribute to safer roads. They can promote their business to TASL customers or leverage the app to set them apart from competitors.

We work directly with automotive insurance companies since they can benefit the most from distraction-free driving. The fewer road accidents, the fewer people will file for claims. Insurance rates will also become cheaper and be more affordable to people.



We also engage employers to protect their people by helping them initiate corporate-sponsored challenges that encourage safe driving practices. We aim to extend beyond companies that have car fleets for their employees to those who always have drivers on the road as a core part of their business.

Employees that complete the challenges on the TASL app can be awarded customized rewards. At the same time, employers can amplify their commitment to social responsibility by showing care for their employees while improving road safety.



TASL is continuously partnering with schools and companies to involve more people in our cause to make roads safer. We’re here to make everyone superheroes who value road safety by spending less time distracted by phones while driving.

Young drivers represent a disproportionate percentage in distracted driving-related accidents, and that’s why we’re including this demographic in our campaigns. We started talking with high schools and colleges to get students to know more about safe driving practices.


We can change our driving habits for the better. TASL helps us put down our phones while driving, knowing that it would prevent us from getting into phone-based distractions and accidents. We’re building safer road behaviors while letting individuals effortlessly earn amazing rewards.

Together, we can make a change. Say goodbye to the distracted driver and hello to focused driving. Download the app, earn TASL points, and exchange them for in-store and online rewards from your favorite brands today.