The App That Helps You Drive Safely And Earn Rewards

Every year, an average of 1.5 million road accidents are recorded in the US, resulting in 500,000 injuries and 4,000 deaths. What is more alarming is that most of these incidents are caused by something that many are very much guilty of—and that is using phones while driving. In fact, texting while driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving.

Accidents caused by phone-based distractions often involve younger drivers. As digital natives, we have been raised with technology engrained in almost every aspect of our daily routines. Use of mobile devices is second nature to us, to the point that constant unlocking and browsing is almost muscle memory. Sadly, this habit has been carried over when driving which as statistics show, can lead to unfortunate road mishaps.

We want to change these grim figures on distracted driving through a mobile app that drivers, especially teenagers will find convenient, accessible, and gratifying to use. In 2019, we launched ‘This App Saves Lives’ (TASL) to fill the gap, and to essentially reward drivers for doing the right thing while behind the wheel.


TASL switches the perspective on how to prevent distracted driving. Diverting from the more traditional punitive methods, we pursue positive reinforcement with the use of rewards that are useful and meaningful to individuals with varying interests. We take the more exciting route in encouraging and inspiring drivers to practice safer road habits.

Drive safely TASL encourages better road habits with the use of meaningful rewards
TASL encourages better road habits with the use of meaningful rewards

TASL is designed to detect the time you spend driving without using your phone. The more points you collect, the greater the rewards. You can redeem these points for freebies and discounts from top-tier brands in dining, retail, online shops, fitness, outdoor, and leisure or recreation.

The app has a set-and-forget feature that enables it to load and start automatically once it detects that you are on the move. It is hardly intrusive and requires minimal effort to use. After a few drives, you will be pleasantly surprised with the points you have collected and the corresponding rewards you can claim.

Driving may be a solo act, but the use of TASL certainly isn’t. You can use the app to compete with family and friends and see who earns the most points and badges, or who bumps up their driver status first. You can then redeem points and enjoy your rewards together, whether on a shopping spree (with huge discounts!) or sharing a meal, and so much more.

Effortlessly earn amazing rewards from your favorite brands while also making the world a safer place


Earning TASL points is easy. Once you have installed the app and go through the sign-up process, you are on your way to getting awesome rewards. With the app’s set-and-forget feature—all you need to do is focus your attention on the road once you get in the car. For every minute that you drive undistracted, you earn one (1) TASL point. Your screen must be locked or you can have the app running in the foreground.

There are exceptions such as taking hands-free calls, navigation, and listening to music. These activities are allowed and enable you to still earn points. Do not be tempted to open and use other apps because you just might lose the points you’ve collected.

Things To Avoid

If you are trying to sneak a selfie while at the stoplight, think again. You can lose TASL points for bad behavior. The app detects phone activities that distract you from driving safely.

You stop earning TASL points once you use your phone while driving.
You stop earning TASL points once you use your phone while driving.

Here are what you should avoid when you are driving:

  • Texting or messaging
  • Sending an email
  • Taking calls not on hands-free mode
  • Joining a video call
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Taking pictures, especially selfies!
  • Browsing your news feed


Hold off on using your phone until you reach your destination. It is a small price to pay to keep the roads safe for everyone. If you must respond to a text urgently, or you just want to take a photo of that cool building you passed by, pull over safely. Through responsible driving habits, you can help trim down the number of vehicular accidents that are due to phone-based distractions.

This may be a challenge at first, especially if you are used to checking your phone every few minutes. But it’s never too late to form new habits. With the use of TASL, this feat is made easier, fun, and rewarding. Once you have earned enough points, check out TASL’s Rewards Shop!

Redeem your TASL points for freebies and discounts from top-tier brands
Redeem your TASL points for freebies and discounts from top-tier brands

How to Redeem Rewards

There is no limit to the number of rewards you can get.

To redeem, head to the Rewards Shop in the app, where you can browse through each reward card, reward categories, and see what’s trending in your area. Cash in your points for a reward. You can redeem the reward instantly or keep it for a later date. Whether you are into dining, fitness, entertainment, retail, or home improvement—there are plenty of brands to choose from!

We continue to gather more rewards partners to make earning points exciting and worthwhile. Check out the latest deals we offer through the app by visiting our social media pages.

Rewards automatically update to stay relevant to your location and area.
Rewards automatically update to stay relevant to your location and area.

We have partnered with over a hundred brands nationwide and we continue to invite more to join our advocacy. Our proud partners support our innovative approach in promoting safe driving, so they help to spread our mission and share TASL with their audience. Click here if you’re a brand partner interested in joining the TASL community.

You can sign up for our weekly TASL Tuesdays newsletter for updates and more information on our partner merchants!

Drive Safely and Earn Rewards

You only need to remember one thing: the more time you spend not engaging with your phone while driving, the more TASL Points you earn. Drive your way safely to unlock awesome freebies and rewards. And of course, the most satisfying reward of all is creating a safe community for yourself, your loved ones, and saving lives.

Install TASL now to start racking up points while practicing safe driving

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