Top Five Apps Every Young Driver Must Have

We all remember the first time our hands touched the steering wheel with our newfound license sitting in our pockets. The glory to go or do whatever you want without relying on your parents for transportation. It’s a nice feeling, but with all power comes great responsibility. 

Everyone knows the rules: no texting, no drinking, try not to run out of gas, always look both ways, etc. There are so many regulations to remember and abide by that it can become overwhelming as a new driver. All the honking, lights changing, heavy traffic, poor weather, and even some middle fingers thrown your way can turn this experience into a time of pure anxiety. 

Fear not, fellow drivers, for I have a few solutions to ease your stress.

Apps Every Young Driver Must Have - Google Maps

Chances are that you’ve most definitely heard of this app and most of its perks; however, let’s dive into all they have to offer nonetheless. This navigation app is more than a GPS. It is a traveling companion that makes driving so much easier. Not only will the app voice the directions to whatever destination, but on the phone screen, it will show you the speed limit to ensure that you’re never driving too fast or too slow.

If you’re wondering about the more recreational features of this app, Google Maps has an explore page that displays restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. in your area, so you will always have an idea of where to eat, sleep, or chill to enjoy the cafe ambience. The app can save all of the destinations you have visited, and it will match you to other places as recommendations to travel to in the future.

Google Maps is available for Android and iOS. It is a free application. It can also be connected to your car with a hands-free option and Google Assistant, so all you need to do is say, “Hey Google,” to activate it. It is truly a great app for new drivers to have a clear path on the road without having to even look at their phone while driving.

Apps Every Young Driver Must Have - Gas Buddy

Still in the navigating world of applications is GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an application that allows the user to find cheap gas stations nearby. Instead of paying a fortune on gas, this app helps to save you money by providing a map of gas stations near you that you can take advantage of.

Additionally, you can sign up for a free gas card that gives you GasBack rewards that you can redeem at select retailers through the app. The gas card also saves up to 25 cents per gallon, so you’re basically getting free gas.

This app is available for Android and iOS. It is a free application, and the gas card is free as well. You don’t have to stress about finding gas stations while you’re out on the road ever again with the handy app.

Effortlessly earn amazing rewards from your favorite brands while also making the world a safer place

Apps Every Young Driver Must Have - PlugShare

Similar to GasBuddy, this app provides a map of nearby charging stations for those who drive electric cars.

If you’re wondering about whether having an electric car will be harder to sustain as a new driver, then this app should ease all of your worries by giving you complete access to hundreds of thousands of charging stations complete with reviews, tips, and photos so that you’ll have the most information to choose the right station. At certain locations, you can even pay for charging right through the PlugShare app, making it even more convenient.

You can also monitor your charging session in the app. The app is updated constantly with new stations and photos from fellow users, so you’ll have as much access as possible to charging stations.

This app is available for Android and iOS. It is a free application. This app is truly a must-have.

This app is for my speedsters. Sometimes on the road, it’s easy to forget how fast you’re actually going, which can actually be very unsafe.

With the Speedometer Speed Box App, you can track your speed and distance all from your phone. By having this app, you can give yourself a bit of a reality check by seeing this information. Additionally, you can track your mileage in the app. Although it’s a very simple app, it can drastically improve the safety of your driving.

This app is only available for iOS. It is a free application, but it has a paid option with updated features such as tracking maximum speed, a map view, a compass display, and much more. Overall, this is a great app for those who simply want to tame their speed on the road.

Last but certainly not least, TASL is an app that rewards you for driving without distractions. The app automatically runs in the background of your phone to detect driving and calculate the amount of points you’ve earned. You can access your phone for navigation, music, and hands-free calling, but otherwise, the goal is to keep your eyes off the phone.

Once you’ve earned points, you can head to the rewards section of the app to exchange your points for discounts, free food, or other free gifts. Additionally, this app has a large pool of retail partners, so you will almost always be able to exchange your points for something you truly want.

This app is only available for iOS. It is a free application. This app is by far the most rewarding and effective app for decreasing distracted driving. You’ll find that habit gone before you even know it. It truly does save lives.

Whether you want to download one or all of these apps, I’m sure that you’ll find that they will make your driving experience so much more enjoyable. No more worrying about whether your habits will lead to a bad situation. No more worrying about getting to the right destination. No more worrying about spending a fortune on gas.

Driving is not meant to be stressful, so that’s why these apps are here to help. Take advantage of them because I can ensure that you will be better off with them than without.