9 Ways To Keep Employees Engaged

Surveys show that 61% of employees prefer being fully remote when working. The remaining participants said they want flexibility between going to the office and working remotely. Only 3% of the surveyed employees want to work full time in the office. These numbers show that remote working is the future along with the benefits and challenges related to this setup.

One of the biggest challenges of working with a remote team is how to keep everyone engaged and productive. You want to keep the team together, maintain their motivation, and reassure their value to the company.

Engaging remote workers can be challenging, but there are effective ways worth trying. Here are the best employee engagement ideas to apply to your team:

#1 - Provide learning opportunities

Constant learning opportunities can keep the team engaged with their roles
Constant learning opportunities can keep the team engaged with their roles

Technology is one of the most effective ways for an organization to retain employees and attract new ones. It can be used for employee engagement activities like lectures, TED talks, webinars, and other online courses and help the team improve their skills.

Training sessions like these go beyond just delivering knowledge. They create opportunities where people feel confident with themselves as they get to know more about their roles in the company. Employees realize the importance of what they do and that it’s more than just sitting behind the desk all day long.

As business continues to grow, it is important that employees are constantly being challenged and upskilled to prevent boredom. Employees should have opportunities at every turn of their professional development journey. Popular ways to engage employees include letting them attend conferences, workshops, or meetings with other professionals who can guide them on new skills to take up.

Giving employees the tools they need to explore and decide on the information they need to hone toward the chosen career path keeps them engaged and happy. Instead of giving rigid learning opportunities, the key is to let people choose their path and skill to develop.

As the business expands, attention given to employee development should also increase. Offering exciting employee engagement activities improves retention, especially when you need capable hands to propel business success.

#2 - Help your remote workforce manage their time

Remote workers usually work longer hours compared to when they were at the office. Unfortunately, the setup makes many of them feel that they’re not part of the team. This can negatively affect their mental health and job satisfaction.

Remote workers are more likely to feel disconnected from their team members because they’re in a different setup from the usual office environment. Additionally, remote teams may find it challenging to achieve work-life balance because the workspace is integrated into their homes. This translates to long working hours that can make them feel burned out and end up having low morale.

Enabling flexible working hours is one of the most effective strategies to use to boost engagement. Team engagement is needed to make this work because there’s still a timetable that they should follow. The work hours can be discussed with the team to fit their preferred schedule without compromising project deadlines.

#3 - Recognize employee contributions

Disengaged employees look for opportunities in other companies because they feel underappreciated in their current jobs. A team member may feel that the time and effort they spend on assigned tasks – and sometimes even going the extra mile – don’t reach the management. Having a remote workforce might make things worse due to the lack of physical visibility and direct, personal communication.

While promotions and incentives can boost employee engagement, something as simple as a ‘Thank You’ note can make a difference. 

Employee appreciation promotes work satisfaction. Let employees know that their contributions matter. Something as simple as acknowledging their work or saying thank you during meetings or video calls.

Tangible rewards like cash or small tokens can be very gratifying. Engage remote employees and recognize their contributions by sending e-gifts. Simple employee engagement ideas like these matter and can have a big impact on self-confidence and motivation.

You should find exciting ways to celebrate employee achievements. Personally sending certificates or tokens of appreciation to deserving employees is effective in showing that the company values efforts. Employees will appreciate this because it’s not something that happens every day.

#4 - Provide room for feedback

Building a corporate culture open to feedback helps employees feel more secure

Employee perceptions on management performance and personnel treatment vary widely within the company. Employees are often not comfortable in sharing feedback with their superiors for fear of backlash. When there’s no outlet for venting out concerns, people get frustrated and discontented, leading to higher attrition rates.

One of the best ways to engage employees is to give them a chance to express their concerns anonymously. Giving them an avenue for reporting problems with the management and teammates helps build better relationships within the workforce. Showing them that you care helps establish trust and security that can lead to deeper dedication in their work.

#5 - Establish a clear career path

A report shows that 42% of employees want to leave their employers due to disconnectedness and the lack of engaging company culture, especially in this pandemic. Many employees feel they’re stuck and aren’t given enough opportunities to progress from their current roles.

Career progression has become a bigger roadblock that employers need to address in these times. The lack of skills development and leadership programs demotivates people from giving their full attention and dedication to their jobs.

Adopting policies and culture to the new normal maintain employee engagement and focus on their roles. Reassessing new requirements for career development should be considered to minimize talent migration. Consider working with other departments in looking for opportunities the company can offer career progression.

#6 - Value their opinions

Valuing opinions is one of the best ways to engage employees and keep them committed to their roles

Providing opportunities for people to pitch in their ideas is one of the ways to engage employees. This makes them feel valued because they’re given the responsibility to contribute to the company’s goals. Knowing that their voice is heard empowers them to come up with better ways to be more productive and effective at their roles.

Creating a culture that fosters open communication is the first step toward building a healthy foundation. Engaged employees are more confident at work and more open to relaying meaningful thoughts to the team.

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#7 - Keep meetings short

A survey said that 71% of managers believe meetings are inefficient and unproductive. Instead of bringing the team closer together, meetings are dreaded as productivity blackholes.

Whether it’s about getting updates on where projects are at or holding catch-up sessions with remote workers, keeping meetings short is one of the best ways to engage employees without boring them. Virtual employee engagement through video conferences should be short but interactive since it’s easier to lose focus when things are done online.

#8 - Allow free time for play

Employee engagement ideas like team building and lunch outs are effective in building camaraderie. Allot some time to play with them to relieve stress and build better relationships with the team.

But if meetups aren’t possible, you can just hold virtual meetings. Multiplayer games are some of the most popular employee engagement ideas for remote workers. Do this after a catchup meeting and throw in some prizes to keep people from getting burned out. You can also hold regular competitions online that people can look forward to.

#9 - Host company-sponsored challenges

Presenting fun challenges to the team help build employee engagement
Presenting fun challenges to the team help build employee engagement

One of the very effective employee engagement ideas to consider is to host meaningful challenges that have positive effects on the team and the community the business serves.

Research shows that 85% of the Millennial workforce believe that social responsibility is more important than professional recognition. They become more engaged with their work and activities if these positively impact society.

For instance, you can use the TASL app as part of your employee engagement activities to teach people to stay more focused when driving. Phone-based driving distractions have caused countless accidents and fatalities annually in the US. While there are regulations against distracted driving, there has been little to no improvement in the related statistics.

Using the TASL mobile app, you can protect your employees from road accidents while encouraging them to make roads safer for the community. You can host customized corporate challenges and reward employees who achieve specific milestones on the app.

Employee engagement ideas like this give them an exciting way to earn points and exchange them for products and services from their favorite brands. Additionally, knowing that they’re contributing to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers on the road can keep them motivated to continue working on the challenge.

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